Neil LaBute
Andrew Carlberg
Josiah Bultema
Nathaniel Krause

    Josiah Bultema is an award winning producer, director, and documentarian whose films have shown in festivals all across America.  Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Josiah studied film production at Biola University in Los Angeles, CA.  After college he began his career in film production and currently works as a freelance producer and production manager on music videos and commercials.

    Josiah has always had a passion for telling stories that act as commentary on our culture and this has led him to pursue both narrative filmmaking as well as documentary.  He is currently developing his short documentary TXT (which has played in a variety of festivals) into a feature about the psychological impact cell phones are having on the next generation. In addition to this, Josiah is constantly developing different projects through which he hopes to incorporate his network of extremely talented filmmakers

Adam Brody                      Louisa Krause                        Keith David

Directed by

Nathaniel Krause

Written by

Neil LaBute

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