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Nathaniel Krause

    Nathaniel Krause earned his Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Southern California’s prestigious School of Cinematic Arts where he was the 2011 recipient of the Edward Thomas Troutner Award.  Having previously completed undergraduate degrees at Carnegie Mellon University in film, music, architecture and business he decided to focus his interdisciplinary interests on the art of collaborative storytelling by concentrating in directing and cinematography. 

    Currently Krause’s work in both short and feature length formats can be seen in festivals throughout the world and include films such as What to Bring to America (Official Selection, Austin Film Festival, Artivist Film Festival, Monaco Charity Film Festival), Refuge (Official Selection, Boston LGBT Film Fest), Buried, Snapshot Samba and the upcoming Sriracha doc.  In addition, Krause’s directorial work has earned him grants from Pittsburgh Filmmakers and the Eastman Kodak Company. 

   Driven to bolster emotionally compelling narratives with strong visual language, Krause ultimately strives to fully develop the personal stories of life’s unique and varied characters.

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Directed by

Nathaniel Krause

Written by

Neil LaBute

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